Taxi Management

BizTechs Taxi Management Software is user friendly and feature like real-time reporting with unmatched security. This web-based application gives you flexibility to work smooth and hassle free, even if you manage a large fleet. BizTechs Taxi Management Software facilitates you with faster dispatch of vehicle, lower expenses, increasing driver’s productivity and ensuring no misuse.

On customer side, this software makes possible to reduce customer waiting time and allows smooth flow of Taxis throughout city.

BizTechs Taxi Management Software has advantageous features:
  • Real-time reporting
  • Transaction on screen
  • Generate drivers statement
  • Add/edit vehicles
  • Cashflow management
  • Consolidated view/review and report
  • Transaction performance
  • Tracking update of GPS
  • Complete Cloud based Application
  • Booking through multiple channel
  • Detailed reporting (Booking-by-Agent, Dispatch, Driver login/logout Reports etc)
  • Decrease in use and storage of paper, paper records.

User Friendly
After completion of booking process, customer verification process starts. Taxi dispatch agents find nearest taxi from the pick up address. After confirmation, booking details is sent to driver by SMS, simultaneously customer gets dispatched taxi details by SMS.

This is simple and hassle free.